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SINCE 2009


Hangsen has been on the cutting edge of the e-cigarette industry since 2009, and has grown to be the world's largest E-Liquid manufacturer.


Hangsen leads in e-liquid and e-cigarettes production, and OEM service around the world. Hangsen works with the largest retailers worldwide to get the quality products in clients' hands ready efficiently. Currently our distribution expands to 80 countries across the globe and we have three office locations, separately in China, United States and Poland.






Our demand for quality goes far beyond the legal requirements.


We adhere to international ISO9001 and GMP production practice to manage the process in the highest quality standard. Our 40,000 square meter factory is equipped with the most advanced production machines and testing devices to guarantee product consistency and production capacity. Every product, including spare parts, packaging and ingredients, is strictly required to go through at least 10 quality control steps and 5 testing procedures before it will be shipped out from the factory.






Hangsen strives to provide the most sought out e-liquid in the world. We constantly improve flavors and techniques to create the best batches of e-liquid possible. Our e-liquids and e-cigarettes work hand in hand to create personalized style and taste that aims to fit different customer needs. With new technology emerging rapidly, our international research team takes fully advantage of the new trend to innovate and develop.


In addition, we also set new standards for product quality. We work closely with our distributors and partners to ensure that our QC standards and products are above and beyond the industry legal requirements.


Our goal is to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction, help more people lead a healthier lifestyle, and create innovative e-liquids and e-cigarettes.


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