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If you are interested in our products, please contact us here to open a wholesale account. Please note that we do not sell directly to consumers.


All our electronic cigarettes require a liquid solution to be used. This is often called "e-liquid". Hangsen E-liquid only uses Top-graded ingredients such as 99% pure nicotine, French flavoring and American Propylene Glycol.

We are the only manufacturer truly using natural ingredients in our eliquid, so the product bears the tasting sensation of cigarette smoking, yet without the harmful elements in regular cigarettes.


More than 300 flavors are available here to suit our dear customers’ diverse needs. That’s not all. Hangsen remains beacon of safety, quality and innovation. Our eliquid ranges at the moment include five series: Diversity, Premium, Stars and Stripes,Shisha and HS Mix it Up,and we strive for more. Get to know more!


Diversity E-liquid 
Hangsen Diversity E-liquid is delicately packaged by five kinds of flavors: tobacco, mint, fruit, drinks and others. Hangsen Diversity E-liquid has been well recognized by our global business clients and 10 million consumers in over 35 countries.

Tobacco Mint Fruit Drinks Others

We see diverse needs for eliquid flavors across America, Europe and Asia. To be tailored for those different needs, we design our Stars and Stripes and shisha E-liquid for various regions across the globe.


Tow series of eliquid are a smart solution to better suit local people’s tastes and various usages. Currently we have over 50 flavors in Stars and Stripes series and 24 flavors for Shisha series. We continue to invent more.

Stars and Stripes E-liquid 
E-liquid designed especially for American taste, made with American ingredients. Fifty flavors tailored are available for you to choose from.

Shisha E-liquid
24 carefully selected flavors just for Shisha. Enjoy the classic way of smoking with our exciting and various refreshing Shisha flavors. 
Stars and Stripes Flavors Shisha

Premium E-liquid

Our top-graded E-liquid, made with the best ingredients possible. These superior flavors were invented to be so close to tobacco cigarettes. Feel the glamorous touch of tobacco sensation with our premium range.
Coming with a unique black capped bottle, the Hangsen Premium eliquid series currently contains 6 flavors, namely RY5, RY6, HS Delight, HS Storm, HS Impulse, and HS Menthol Sensation. Every drop is tasty, smooth and vaporized well.

HS Mix it Up E-liquid

Hangsen HS Mix it Up mixing kit consists of base fluid, PG, VG and empty refillable bottles. It creates a unique experience for mixing different flavors together and makes the PERFECT liquid for individual users. With over 200 types of flavorings, there are infinite ways of making a bottle of liquid. Simply change the proportion of the base fluid, PG and VG, and users will experience different strength, smoothness and taste.


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     Hangsen Holding Co.,Ltd,best premium electronic cigarettes brand,is one of the longest established electronic cigarettes companies established in 2009.Our products: E-Juice,E Flavors,E Liquid and more E Cigs are made from top quality ingredients extracted from natural tobacco,over 300 flavors to meet suit your diverse needs.       


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