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Hangsen – Company Introduction

Who is Hangsen?

Hangsen is the world’s leading manufacturer of e-liquid and vaping device since 2009. We offer ODM products, services and solutions including but not limited to product design,manufacturing, quality assurance and regulation consultation for clients in more than 50 countries. We manufacture more than 4 million bottles of e-liquids and 1 million pieces of vaping devices a month. Our products range from basic disposables, vape pens, and mono flavour liquids to RDAs,tanks, high wattage box mods and complex flavour liquids.


Bottles of e-liquid

Production till 2016



Distribution channel


Production base

Factories worldwide

Our Value Propositions

Hangsen – Consistent and Trustworthy

Corporate Mission

Hangsen is committed to providing the best tobacco alternatives and healthy usage experience for consumers worldwide.

Business Philosophy

Value talents, technology and knowledge; Provide high quality product and service founded on trustworthiness.

Corporate Tenet

Consistent and trustworthy, Hangsen stays humble in the fame of virtue.

Quality Policy

Hangsen use only the top grade ingredients to ensure our quality meets the highest standard in the industry.

Regulation Compliance

Hangsen have a dedicated global team of legal and chemical experts and a UKAS standard laboratory to ensure regulation compliance.

Our Staff

Hangsen has more than 1000 employees worldwide. They are highly professional, industrious, and devoted.


Hangsen never stops innovating new liquids and vaping devices with enhanced user experience, to meet users’ utter most satisfaction.
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