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Hangsen CEO
Jide Yao, CEO of Hangsen, is referred as “Godfather” of E-liquid by many pioneers in this industry. He created the world’s first PG/VG E-liquid recipe in 2005 and was also the inventor of RY4 flavor, the most popular E-liquid flavor in the world.

In 2004, when the first electronic cigarette emerged, Mr. Yao, CEO of a public medical company, saw the potential of the product. He spent millions of dollars and 1 year in the research of the product. In 2005 he invented the very first PG/VG liquid, which led to the architecture change of electronic cigarette. In the next several years, he continued to develop flavors that now tens of millions of consumers are using: RY4, USA MIX, MENTHOL, TOBACCO and many more.

Cigarettes are the cause of millions of deaths every year. With my medical background I

deeply know the damage cigarette creates on human body. I believe electronic cigarette truly helps smokers get a healthier life, and this is an extraordinary meaningful achievement we can make. With the right technology and quality ingredients, smokers can still enjoy the smoking sensation without the health problems. Hangsen was founded with this goal.”
“And today, Hangsen has grown to the world’s largest E-liquid manufacturer and leading electronic cigarette manufacturer. Our products are sold to US, UK, Romania, Poland, Italy and many other countries in the world, bringing new life to tens of millions of smokers. We focus on making our products with only the best ingredients, in our dust-free clean factory, with our sophisticated production systems.”
“Through this and cooperation with our distributors and OEM partners, we hope to do our part to create a whole new way of smoking, and in the process, contribute efforts to spur healthy living. This is at the heart of Hangsen.”

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