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The advantages of Hangsen electronic cigarette

Hangsen produces the best selling models currently in the market. Our models include disposable, rechargeable MINI and EGO series, and we are developing new model to suit the fast growing market needs. All our devices and parts have been certified by CE and RoHS to guarantee the safety.
Hangsen electronic cigarettes have various advantages over our competitors:

1. Hangsen uses the best materials in all our products. 
Electronic cigarettes all look very similar, but the quality and consistency is driven by the material used. Hangsen uses the best materials including the best PP plastic, resistant cotton, quality heating coil, and first class (Grade A) battery to prevent leakage, burning and cracking problems.

2. Our engineering team has been in the industry since 2007. 
The team possesses the know-how on making the best device to generate large vapor and bring out great taste from E-liquid. The structure of our devices is well designed so every part works together to deliver enjoyable experience to consumers. On the same resistance, our device generates more vapor than 95% of the devices in the market.

3. Hangsen truly cares about quality. 
Our factory is equipped with advanced testing machines including temperature recycling machine, transportation simulation machine and battery exhaustion machine etc. Every product is tested before it’s dispatched to minimize the faulty rate.

4. Hangsen E-liquid works best with Hangsen electronic cigarettes. 
Millions of consumers globally are using Hangsen E-liquid daily. They look for a device that would bring them the best smoking result with their favorite liquid. The engineering teams in Hangsen E-liquid and e-cig departments work closely together, to make sure our e-cig gets the best out of our liquid and deliver the real taste and sensation to consumers.
Hangsen strives to deliver quality products, at the right price and short time period. With the current seasonal cycle of the product, many manufacturers struggle to meet the demand in the peak seasons and fail to deliver quality products at a fast pace. With our advanced computer system we plan 3 months ahead on material procurement and production process, to make sure that we deliver at shorter time than most manufacturers in the market, at consistent quality, so our clients are always ahead of their competitors

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