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Hangsen showed the WILL Tech that is a revolution in atomization platform. With a structural breakthrough in cotton and ceramic, which prevents leakage and delivers perfect e-liquid matching. 
Hangsen exhibition came to successful end at Shenzhen Convention Center on Apr 16.
Nearly 600 people came to the site, including a number of domestic and foreign enterprises, experts, scholars, media. As the vice president and one of the co-organizers of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee
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Hangsen International Group Showcases A New Nicotine Salt at Next Generation of Nicotine Delivery


London--Nov.13, 2018-- In order to provide better experience to smoking people who wants to a satisfaction of nicotine, Hangsen International Group, the global leader in e-liquid innovation and science, showcases a new nicotine salt in Next Generation of Nicotine Delivery Conference. The new nicotine salt integrates extensive collection of researches from experts and insights and feedback of consumer to improve taste and user experience while maintaining signature flavor by changing different elements—all underpinned by strong scientific substantiation. The new nicotine salt aims to further perfect nicotine content and effect for growing number of smokers to be satisfied with the flavor.

 “Our mission is to offer a better experience and satisfication for smokers, and the new nicotine salt has made this dream a reality; it’s a revolution for people who smoke,” said Hank Yao, Hangsen’s Vice-president. “The new nicotine salt not only delivers significant improvement and innovation in taste and content, also marks another step that E-cigarettes are closer to the taste of real cigarettes. The professionals think their persistence would be recognized from consumers and it would change many things—we thank their hard work of leading this positive change.”


Each innovation achievement at Hangsen supported by strong scientific research team and owned a series of certifications and patent. Its scientific program is based on longstanding practices of the pharmaceutical experience of Yao Jide, the Hangsen’s president and the Founder of China Electronic Cigarette Association.

Prolong Atomizing Core Service Life 

After repeated experiments, the new nicotine salt consist of two different acids, which has been developed from Hangsen, which could protect the atomizing core and prolong smoking set service life by perfectly matching the e-cigarettes of Hangsen. It has reduced cost for enormous smoking people.

The Reality of Concentration

The concentration of new nicotine salt could reach as purely as possible, which is 99.7%. It has certificated by the authority organization and is the purest nicotine in the world.

Customized Service

Depend on robust support of science and technology from Hangsen, it could adjust the nicotine salt concentration according customer demand. Researchers can formulate the most appropriate nicotine salt concentration and taste, meanwhile, professional automation equipments could produce more efficient in an bioclean environment. 

Hangsen International Group as the world largest e-liquid and e-cigarette manufacturer, is dedicated to create a smoke-free future for many years. Depend on advanced technology and reliable assurance, Hangsen has expanded its international footprint to cover over 85 countries and founded 3 GMP and ISO9001 standard global centers in America, Europe, and Asia. As a private label partner, Hangsen OEM service specializes in the development and production of high-quality E-liquid and E-cigarette around the world. Until 2018, Hangsen has developed 1000 plus OEM flavors and produced over 500,000,000 pcs of high-quality e-liquid bottles for clients. 

To learn more about how Hangsen is pursuit of a smoke-free future, please visit the company website at