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Hangsen showed the WILL Tech that is a revolution in atomization platform. With a structural breakthrough in cotton and ceramic, which prevents leakage and delivers perfect e-liquid matching. 
The new nicotine salt aims to further perfect nicotine content and effect for growing number of smokers to be satisfied with the flavor.

Nearly 600 people came to the site, including a number of domestic and foreign enterprises, experts, scholars, media. As the vice president and one of the co-organizers of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee
Vaper Expo UK is one of the UK’s biggest and most recognized e-cigarette and vaping expos.

Hangsen Unveils A New Generation Of Small Smoke And Wins Much Attention in 2019 IECIE


2019 IECIE International Electronic Cigarette Expo came to successful end at Shenzhen Convention Center on Apr 16. This exhibition covered the upstream components supply chain to downstream finished devices and e-commerce solutions of the electronic cigarette industry, which attracted 1,500 exhibitors, 360 domestic and foreign medias, and 50,000 professional visitors from 45 countries and regions. Therefore, it is evaluated as one of the largest and most influential e-cigarette exhibitions in the world. As a giant in China's e-cigarette industry, Hangsen has once again brought its new products to IECIE. It won much attention with the super popular net red, psychedelic and electronic style booth and new one-off e-cigarettes.


Hangsen has released the new generation of one-off e-cigarettes that can fully awaken e-liquid molecules by atomization system to make the smoke taste exceptionally fine and rich after many professional tests, meanwhile, it brings very similar resistance sense with real smoke. That debuted in 6 flavors, including fennel licorice, peppermint white chocolate, cold plum wine, toffee tobacco, iced lemon tea, and cucumber peach, and making a large number of consumers and insiders fascinated. The 180㎡ booth received more than 3,000 visitors in three days, and the new products on the scene were sold out, which became the focus of the whole exhibition.


The atomization system of e-cigarettes differs greatly from the traditional way of burning tobacco. How to make the e-cigarette "taste more real" is a technical challenge that the whole industry is trying to overcome. The real factors that make smokers to get the same taste as tobacco are the quality of e-liquid, atomization technology, and matching of liquids and devices. If these three modules work together, the user's comprehensive experience in satisfaction, taste and quality would be hugely enhanced.

The consistency of e-liquid and device will greatly affect the e-liquid taste. Therefore, Hangsen’s top formulators constantly try to mix a variety of ingredients until the optimal combination is found, so that the device could reach the maximum extent of atomizing the molecules and releasing the taste. At the same time, Hangsen also matched critically acclaimed devices like Elite and Etna with its latest flavors e-liquid to show a "super real taste" experience” to users.


At present, Hangsen products has penetrated into 85 countries and regions including North America, Europe, South America and etc. The "Hangsen effect" radiation range is getting larger and larger, and its industry confidence has always originated from its product. In 2020, Hangsen still stick to the international vision and continue the globalization strategy to provide a higher quality experience for consumers around the world. There is no doubt that he also takes the initiative to assume social responsibilities, firmly supports the national and government policies on tobacco control, and thoroughly implemented the Circular of the Nation Administration on the Prohibition of Selling E- Cigarettes to Minors.