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Hangsen exhibition came to successful end at Shenzhen Convention Center on Apr 16.
The new nicotine salt aims to further perfect nicotine content and effect for growing number of smokers to be satisfied with the flavor.

Nearly 600 people came to the site, including a number of domestic and foreign enterprises, experts, scholars, media. As the vice president and one of the co-organizers of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee
Vaper Expo UK is one of the UK’s biggest and most recognized e-cigarette and vaping expos.

Hangsen WILL Tech As A Revolution For Vaping System In Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Conference


April 30th & May 1st 2019, Miami, USA.

The Next Generation Nicotine Delivery USA Conference was hold in Miami on April 30th and May 1st. From market regulations and customer trends, all the way to the distribution landscape and international opportunities, the forum analyzed the most pressing issues within the vaping industry.

Since Han Li invented the first e-cigarette that hits $ 20 million sales in two short years. In this process, Hangsen’s chairman, Jide Yao, has created the first e-liquid for matching e-cigs. However, medias criticized that there is not a perfect quality guarantee system and sound management system for this industry, so Ruyan sales has dramatically dropped. 

In the past five years, vaping mod devices and bottled liquid has expanded beyond the capital markets seem to think. There are 400 million smokers could become the potential users for e-cigarette industry. In 2017, it has $163.8 million tobacco tax generated by China Tobacco and 5.6 million points of tobacco sales.”

Hank Yao, the vice president of Hangsen, “China is a major manufacturer of e-cigarette products for export, but it also has a domestic market. There is a considerable growth in 2017 (market size is 1bn in 2016), and becomes more stable in 2018. E-cigarette’s giddy growth is a consequence of big change in people’s life.” mentioned in this forum.



In china, smoking is a culture. Basic open system kits are the only category that has become more significant. But the best-selling individual product remains a consistent closed system products. So Hangsen showed the WILL Tech that is a revolution in atomization platform. With a structural breakthrough in cotton and ceramic, which prevents leakage and delivers perfect e-liquid matching. It would also offer three ways to deliver the e-liquid and nicotine salt, respectively is cotton core atomizer, cylindrical ceramic atomizer and square ceramic atomizer.


As a responsible company in china, Hangsen has always kept trying to promote people's lifestyle. And the proof is bringing better products for enormous consumers.