Natural and Organic
Planting Conditions

There are too many conditions affect the quality of cannabis.

• Average temperature between day and night keeps 16°-25°.

• Cannabis is a kind of short day crop and the base is satisfied to the condition.

• The soil is organic and deep, which ensures the quality of hemp.

Our natural farms meet all requirements for cannabis cultivation.

International R&D

An international standard R&D for researching and

rigorous testing requirements, which has a CNAS

and ilac-MRA laboratories to ensure Hangsen's CBD

products at top grade.

The Lab
and Poland Base

• We own a CNAS and ilac-MRA laboratories.

• 3000 sqm facility with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

• 8 automatic liquid filling lines and 4 fully automatic labelling.

Internal Quality Control

We use a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in-

strument for on-site testing, which enables deep level

analysis of both ingredients and our final products.

Authorized Certification

High quality control and certification in safety and purity.

Hangsen cooperates with the most authoritative

laboratories in the world for the test of CBD products.