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Company Overview

Hangsen CEO

Jide Yao

CEO of Hangsen, is referred as “Godfather” of E-liquid by many pioneers in this industry. He created the world’s first PG/VG E-liquid recipe in 2005 and was also the inventor of RY4 flavor, the most popular E-liquid flavor in the world.

In 2004, when the first electronic cigarette emerged, Mr. Yao, CEO of a public medical company, saw the potential of the product. He spent millions of dollars and 1 year in the research of the product. In 2005 he invented the very first PG/VG liquid, which led to the architecture change of electronic cigarette. In the next several years,  he continued to develop flavors that now tens of millions of consumers are using...               

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Hangsen Europe is the world's first e-liquid manufacturer offering OEM solutions with production outside of China.

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Hangsen Worldwide

Global Partner of Hangsen in the world

Our Quality

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We are a manufacturer based in China. The “Made in China” products are no longer what you might think. 

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We never compromise quality. Our high quality ingredients include 98% pure nicotine and USP graded PG/VG to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.
We deploy ISO9001 and GMP certified quality control system, and test every batch of product in full before delivery to ensure the quality and safety to reach the highest standard.
We pay attention to every detail. Our quality controllers are deployed in every process throughout the factory, checking every position of the production line to...

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     Telephone: 86-755-61901682/61901685
     Address: Floor 5, Block A, Zhonghaixin Technology Park,Bulan Road, Longgang                District, Shenzhen China 

Address:98 Siemianowicka Road

41-902 Bytom, Poland 



     Hangsen Holding Co.,Ltd,best premium electronic cigarettes brand,is one of the longest established electronic cigarettes companies established in 2009.Our products: E-Juice,E Flavors,E Liquid and more E Cigs are made from top quality ingredients extracted from natural tobacco,over 300 flavors to meet suit your diverse needs.       


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